Congratulations, Simon Brown!

by Matthew Koslowski on May 6, 2010
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So Much Things to Say: 100 Poets from the First Ten Years of the Calabash International Literary Festival edited by Kwame Dawes and Colin Channer.

My friend, Simon Brown, has a poem included in the anthology, So Much Things to Say!

I’ve mentioned Simon before, in one of my first essays The Prestige in Poetry. I called him “a poet of great promise” and I am glad to see his work starting to get the recognition that I expect from him.

This is the start of great things for Simon and his work.

Check out Simon’s blog, The Written Word. And read an article about the Calabash International Literary Festival on The Jamaica Gleaner.

The Prestige in Poetry

Around the time I decided to launch Literature&Literacy on, my friend Simon Brown was promoting his blog Written Word as a venue for publishing and discussing his poems. Because of the conversations about poetry we had had when we both attended Ohio Wesleyan University–or, at least, so I like to think–he asked me to read his work.

One of his poems in particular, “Reflections” caught my attention. The imagery was stirring, the voice intriguing. But I did not understand the poem.  I saw a collage of images without a narrative instead of a cohesive whole.

I discussed the parts of it that I did not understand. He explained what the narrative was supposed to be: I reread the poem and, knowing the narrative, the poem opened up and became intelligible. But the narrative he provided was not present in the poem.

I began to think of how a poem functions, how understanding and surprise are built into a poem.

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