About Literature&Literacy

Launched in July 2009, Literature&Literacy is Matthew Koslowski’s forum for publishing and discussing his ideas about education, both in classrooms and throughout the life cycle, and great literature.

New posts will be published every Wednesday. Literature&Literacy will contain posts such as:

  • responses to newspaper articles and editorials that relate to education and literature;
  • reviews of books, both recently published as well as long-since-published books;
  • reviews of scholarly work in the field of education;
  • essays summarizing neuroscience research in the fields of education and learning;
  • and chronicles of Matthew Koslowski’s personal journey to becoming a high school English teacher in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

About Matthew Koslowski

Photo of Matthew Koslowski taken by Tanya Zuk

Matthew Koslowski, shown here sailing on the Charles River, Boston, Massachusetts. (Photograph credit: Copyright © 2009 Tanya Zuk.)

Since middle school, Matthew has been resisting his natural inclination to become a teacher. No matter how often he was told, “You would make a great teacher,” he was determined to forge his own way.

When he left Massachusetts to study at Ohio Wesleyan University, he intended to study neuroscience. In fact he had limited his college search by seeking small schools that offered neuroscience. After Introduction to Psychology taught by a behaviorist and with the encouragment of his grandparents and parents, he pursued his passions for art history and literature. On Mother’s Day in 2005, he graduated magna cum laude with a bachelor of arts with majors in the Humanities and Art History, and a minor in Philosophy.

He continued to live in the midwest until April 2008, staying in Delaware, Ohio, through October 2005 before moving to Chicago. After a stint as a waiter, he began working in financial services, first as Tax Preparer for H&R Block, then as an Assistant Lending Manager at TCF Bank, and then, after moving back to Massachusetts, as a Personal Banker for one of the largest banks in Massachusetts, where he continues to work.

During the “Great Recession,” like so many other people, Matthew began to re-evaluate the track his life was on. Finally he realized that the call to be a teacher was not coming from outside him any more but from within him.

In August 2008, he was introduced to sailing by one of the members of Boston’s Community Boating and took to the water like, well, you know. Every weekend for his 30-day trial membership, you could find him on the docks or on the Charles River. In the winter of 2008, he took up volunteering opportunities. During the winter volunteer events, he learned about opportunities to teach in the summer.

Teaching classroom courses as well as on the water at Community Boating during the summer of 2009, Matthew finally realized that he was put on this earth to teach. He is one of the volunteer Rigging Instructors as well as an Informal On-the-Water Instructor. If you see him at Community Boating and if you ask him, he will just as gladly answer any of your questions about sailing as he will discuss your favorite summer read.

Last Updated: July 16, 2009