On My Recent Silence

by Matthew Koslowski on June 17, 2010
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Dear readers and friends,

June has provided a number of surprises for me. Please bear with me a little bit longer while I navigate some of these changes.

I have been having some excellent conversations about poetry and art — only in the real world, not online. I have been working on my own writing — just not my blog — and nothing that I am quite ready to share. I have begun to swing dance, in addition to the other dancing I already do, so I have even less time than I did before.

So, while I adjust to the new schedule, please be patient with me. I will have some good posts in the next week and I will try to make it up to you for the two Wednesdays I have missed.



Matthew Koslowski


2 Responses to “On My Recent Silence”
  1. John Spencer says:

    Where will you publish your non-blog writing?

    Matthew Koslowski Reply:

    My novel is still far from complete and my poems are only first drafts. So, there is plenty of work left to be done. Plus revising and revising and revising again.

    Horace, in his “Ars Poetica”, advised the friend to whom he writes to put a work away for six months or even a year before he considers publishing it. Once it is published, it cannot be unpublished. Millenia later, Stephen King echoes that advice on his On Writing. Who am I to argue?